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Danish Hydraulic Institute (DHI) Thailand is the DHI representative of DHI headquarters in Denmark. DHI Thailand was started on 1 May 2003 by DHI Australia to assist MIKE users in the Asia-Pacific region at that time. The continuous growth of business models and the MIKE software of DHI is widely used in Thailand. In 2004, DHI Thailand changed to be DHI Denmark’s territory. DHI Thailand is a MIKE model consultancy center and organizes training for the use of various models of DHI. There will be model experts in each area as trainers. In addition, there are annual user group meetings, seminars, or special lectures on various occasions in order to disseminate new features and techniques in the MIKE model that is constantly being developed.

Areas of Applications 

Applying professional software to the world’s toughest challenges in water

For 25 years, MIKE Powered by DHI’s software products has been used in water environments all over the world. Thousands of professionals choose MIKE software to solve tough and complex challenges in areas such as oceans and coastlines, rivers and reservoirs, ecology, groundwater, water distribution, wastewater, and many more.

DHI’s data management, decision support, and operational forecasting software suite traverse all the areas of applications, complementing existing MIKE technologies.

WEM and DHI Thailand Collaboration

Memorandum of Agreement between AIT and DHI is signed in March 2017, the objective is to enable academic and professional cooperation between SET/AIT and DHI.

  • WEM/SET send master students (1 student per year) to carry out their internship or research work at DHI Denmark provided research relevant to the DHI mission.
  • DHI provided a special license (network license) of MIKE Powered by DHI software for research and education purposes.
  • Somchai Chonwattana, DHI Thailand modeling expert joined as an Affiliated Faculty of Water Engineering and Management Program.