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WEM offers academic programs leading to Masters Degree, Doctoral Degree, Professional Masters Degree, and Diploma and Certificates covering five focal areas: Agricultural Water, Coastal Water, Urban Water, Water Resources, and Extreme Events and Risk Management.

In addition, Double Degree Master Programmes are also jointly offered in partnership with renowned institutes for international post-graduate education. Under this scheme, successful students will be awarded two Master degrees: one from AIT and one from AIT’s partner institution. At present, WEM has already established Double Degree Master Programmes with UNESCO-IHE, The Netherlands and University of Nice, France.


A master’s degree is completed in less than two years while a doctoral degree is, on the average, completed in three years.


During the first two semesters, master’s students are expected to complete the coursework requirement. They need to enroll for required courses during the first semester. Students who need preparation in English and Computer Skills may enroll in the bridging program during the May/June inter-semester period prior to the August (First) semester.

In summary, a master’s student in WEM follows:

Duration: 4 semesters and 1 Inter-Semester Period (21.4 months)

Entry Semester: August (typically) or May/June (for Bridging Student)

Total Credits Required: 48 credits (720 contact hours)

Thesis Option: 26 coursework credits + 22 thesis credits

Research Study Option: 38 coursework credits + 10 research credits


Doctoral students in WEM are required to take a minimum of 84 credits that comprise 24 credits of coursework including a maximum of 6 credits of special study and 60 credits of dissertation. The composition of courses taken by a doctoral student requires the consent of his/her dissertation advisor.

In summary, a doctoral candidate in WEM follows:

Duration: 6 semesters and 3 Inter-Semester Periods

Entry Semester: January or August

Total Credits Required: 84 credits = 24 coursework credits + 60 research credits

Doctoral Student Study Plan

Period Coursework Thesis
1st Semester 12 credits
2nd Semester 6 credits of Coursework plus
6 credits of Special Study
Inter Semester (1) Pass Advancement to Doctoral Candidacy
3rd Semester Initiation of dissertation work
(12 credits)
4th Semester Continuation of dissertation work
(12 credits)
 Inter Semester (2) Continuation of dissertation work
(6 credits)
5th Semester Continuation of dissertation work
(12 credits)
6th Semester Continuation of dissertation work
(12 credits)
Inter Semester (3) Completion of dissertation and
Final Examination (6 credits)