AIT and University of Iowa’s Dual Degree Master’s Program!

MEng/MSc in Water Engineering and Management from Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand and MSc in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Iowa (UI), USA

About the Dual Degree:

This program will prepare students for careers in hydrology and hydraulics by providing them with a strong foundation that includes both the theoretical and applied study of fluids. Students will receive the broad-based academic background needed for a career in engineering design, research, consulting, or academia. The AIT brings 60 years of regional experience in water education and research, complemented by the University of Iowa’s century of global leadership in fluids-related teaching and research, including experimentation (both laboratory and field-scale) and mathematical modeling.

Key Features:

• Students are awarded two degrees in two years from prestigious and world-renowned universities. A degree of MEng/MSc in Water Engineering and     Management from the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand and MSc in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Iowa, USA.
• Students have opportunities of networking with students, researchers, and faculty from more than 50 countries during their study at AIT and UI.
• Students acquire knowledge and skills from a unique curriculum offered by two institutes such as laboratory and field-scale experimentation, and in       mathematical modeling with high-speed computer facilities.
• Students have the opportunity to work jointly with AIT and UI faculty members for their research study.

Application Deadline: 30 May 2020

About AIT:

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