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Jessada Techamahasaranont
Jessada TechamahasaranontTHAILAND

Hydrologic Effects of Change in Forest Landscape in Watersheds of Thailand

Siriwat Boonwichai
Siriwat BoonwichaiTHAILAND

Assessment of the Climate Change Impact and Evaluation of Adaptation Strategies for Water Resources and Rice Production in the Songkhram River Basin, Thailand

Chirayu Jaroenongard
Chirayu JaroenongardTHAILAND
Analysis of Salinity Intrusion and Alternative Solutions for Municipal Water Supply in Bangkok under Climate Change Conditions
Thundorn Okwala
Thundorn OkwalaTHAILAND

Assessment of Climate Change Impact on Salinity Intrusion and Water Availability under Climate Change Scenarios in Bang Pa Klong River Basin, Thailand

Thiantheera Piriyawong
Thiantheera PiriyawongTHAILAND
Development of Decision Support System for Reservoir Operation under Climate Change Scenarios for Ubolratana Dam, Thailand
Rana Ammar Aslam
Rana Ammar AslamPAKISTAN

Groundwater Vulnerability Assessment to Climate Change, Land-use Change and Abstraction Scenarios in Lahore, Pakistan

Rokshana Pervin
Rokshana PervinBANGLADESH

Assessment of Risk of Water Quality Under Environmental Changes: A Case Study of Sitalakya and Turag River in Bangladesh

Dibesh Khadka
Dibesh KhadkaNEPAL
Nguyen Thi Quyen
Nguyen Thi QuyenVIETNAM
Hoang Thi Ngoc Anh
Hoang Thi Ngoc AnhVIETNAM
Ambili Gopalan Kamalamma
Ambili Gopalan KamalammaINDIA
Triambak Baghel
Triambak BaghelINDIA
Shakthi Kalpani Gunawardana
Shakthi Kalpani GunawardanaSRI LANKA
Chayutpong Manakul
Chayutpong ManakulTHAILAND
Pragya Pradhan
Pragya PradhanNEPAL
Saurav KC
Sanjiv Neupane
Sanjiv NeupaneNEPAL
Kaushal Chapagain
Kaushal ChapagainNEPAL