Dr. Mohammad Esmaeil Asadi, obtained his Ph.D. in Integrated Water Resources Management from Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand in 2001. Currently, he is working as a Principal Research Scientist in Golestan Agricultural and Natural Resources Research and Education Center (GANRREC) in Iran. His research interests are as follows:

– Irrigation/drainage systems design, development and performance evaluation

– Conservation Agriculture (CA), Soil and water management of upland crops

– Development/validation/applications of water management, and crop models

– Precision Farming

– Climate change, agrometeorology and cropwatch

In addition, Dr. Asadi is also an official instructor of CA courses for experts and researchers in Ministry of Agriculture of Iran and teaching courses: irrigation systems, soil water, and plant relationship, climatology, water quality and so on in national universities.

On the research, Dr. Asadi has conducted several sponsored research projects in Iran related to CA, soil erosion, irrigation management and non-point source (NPS) pollution monitoring and modeling. He had also supervised/graduated 15 Doctoral and 20 Master advisees at national universities of Iran and abroad. He has published 4 books, 16 International Journal papers and 35 International Conference papers. Google Scholar shows that he has more than 200 citations with h-index of 7.

Dr. Asadi will be teaching course ‘Land and Water Conservation and Management’ in January 2019 semester.

In WEM, he can be reached in office WR214 and contacted at +66-2-524-5559 or at iwc977127@yahoo.com