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FIRST YEAR(2018-20)

Nai Chhaihort
Nai ChhaihortCambodia
Chaw Su Lwin
Chaw Su LwinMyanmar
Thin Su Lwin
Thin Su LwinMyanmar
 Divakar Thapaliya
Divakar Thapaliya Nepal
 Manzari Singh
Manzari Singh Nepal
 Usha Ghimire
Usha Ghimire Nepal
Harindu S S
Harindu S SSri Lanka
Neththikumarage S F
Neththikumarage S FSr Lanka
 Kasuni Erandika Adikari
Kasuni Erandika Adikari Sri Lanka
 Neelahandi Y K De Silva
Neelahandi Y K De Silva Sri Lanka
 Aruna H Hettigoda
Aruna H Hettigoda Sri Lanka
Teeratat Adulsiriangkoon
Teeratat Adulsiriangkoon Thailand
 Kanoknun Muangsong
Kanoknun Muangsong Thailand
 Nattanicha Meesaard
Nattanicha Meesaard Thailand
Witsut Termsintaveesuk
Witsut Termsintaveesuk Thailand
 Muhammad Younis
Muhammad Younis Pakistan
 Shumaila Sharif
Shumaila Sharif Pakistan
Zaffar Munir
Zaffar Munir Pakistan
 Ghulam Usman
Ghulam Usman Pakistan
 Arfan Ali
Arfan Ali Pakistan
 Ijaz Younas
Ijaz Younas Pakistan
 M. Kashif Manzoor
M. Kashif Manzoor Pakistan
 Muhammad Asif
Muhammad Asif Pakistan
 Bilal Tufail
Bilal Tufail Pakistan
 Shariar Alam Shuvo
Shariar Alam Shuvo Bangladesh


Guillaume Chevalier
Guillaume ChevalierUniversity of Nice Sophia, France
Yoan Wacogne
Yoan WacogneUniversity of Nice Sophia, France
Louise Beley
Louise BeleyUniversity of Nice Sophia, France
Mathilde Romanteau
Mathilde RomanteauUniversity of Nice Sophia, France
Marjorie Lupi
Marjorie LupiUniversity of Nice Sophia, France
Philip Millet
Philip MilletUniversity of Nice Sophia, France
Emma Simeon
Emma SimeonUniversity of Nice Sophia, France
Antoine Chessel
Antoine ChesselUniversity of Nice Sophia, France

SECOND YEAR(2017-19)

 Pichayapong Srisawad
Pichayapong Srisawad Thailand

Artificial Neural Network using for predicting climate extreme precipitation events in upper Chaophraya River

Lapanploy Chawrua
Lapanploy Chawrua Thailand

Assessing the River Health of Tha Chin River in Thailand by using the Framework for River Health Assessment Developed by AII.

Ananya Suksri
Ananya SuksriThailand

Application of Harmony Search Algorithm for Optimal Reservoir Operation of Kiew Kor Mah in Wang River Basin, Thailand

Chayutpong Manakul
Chayutpong ManakulThailand
Analysis of Sea Dome Artificial Reefs Failure at Phetchaburi, Southern Part of Thailand
Pantila Ramanandana
Pantila RamanandanaThailand
Dam Breach Modelling and Inundation Hazard: A Case Study of Kaeng Krachan Dam
Chirayut Chirachawala
Chirayut ChirachawalaThailand
Analysis of Sea Dome Artificial Reefs Failure at Phetchaburi, Southern Part of Thailand
Thanasit Promping
Thanasit PrompingThailand
Flood Risk and Flood Hazard Mapping with Flood Control Analysis for Upper Nan River Basin: A Case Study in Nan Municipality, Thailand
Raksmey Ang
Raksmey AngCambodia

Hydrological Model Calibration Using Remotely Sensed Soil Moisture and Discharge Measurements: The Impact on Predictions at Gauged and Ungagged Locations

Tan Soran
Tan SoranCambodia
Meteorological Drought Assessment for Mongkol Borey River Basin, Cambodia
Thaileng Thol
Thaileng TholCambodia

Evaluation of Rainfall and Rainfall Forecast Products for Prediction of Sewer Flow In Urban Drainage System, A Case Study of Damhusaen Catchment, Copenhagen

Adones Caduyac
Adones CaduyacPhilippines

Reducing Flood Impacts with Climate Resilient Grey and Green Infrastructure  in a City : A case of Mandaue City, Philippines

Khin Htay
Khin Htay Myanmar

Equilibrium Bay Shape Approach for Beach Stabilization in Myanmar

Trang Pham
Trang Pham Vietnam

Quantifying the Impact of Human Activities and Climate Change on Water Resources in Srepok River Basin, Vietnam

Hieu Le
Hieu LeVietnam

Application of Machine Learning to Hydro Meteo Field Data for Water Management

Sanjiv Neupane
Sanjiv NeupaneNepal

Mapping Groundwater Resiliency Under Climate Change in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal

Riwaz Adhikari
Riwaz AdhikariNepal

Mapping Groundwater Resiliency to Human Development in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Pragya Pradhan
Pragya PradhanNepal

The Comparison of Physical Based Rainfall-Runoff Model (SWAT) with ANN Model

Alisha Shrestha
Alisha ShresthaNepal

Assessment of Hydroelectricity Supply and Demand Under Climate Change Scenarios: A Case Study on Kulekhani Hydropower

Sanju Shrestha
Sanju ShresthaNepal

Assessment of Land Use Change Impact on River Flows and Sediment in Chindwin River Basin, Myanmar

Kaushal Chapagain
Kaushal ChapagainNepal

Water Security Assessment of River Basins in Thailand

Saurav K C
Saurav K CNepal

Pluvial Flood Risk Assessment and Management under Urbanization and Climate Change Scenarios in Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC), Nepal

Suwas Ghimire
Suwas GhimireNepal

Assessing different hydrological models performance to generate an ensemble of flood forecast in  Karnali river basin, Nepal

Bibek Shrestha
Bibek ShresthaNepal

Assessing different hydrological models performance to generate an ensemble of flood forecast in  Karnali river basin, Nepal

Phub Zam
Phub Zam Bhutan

Assessment of Climate Change Impact on Hydrology of International River in Asia, A case study in Wangchu River Basin

 Rishav Changkakati
Rishav Changkakati India
Saadi Ahmad
Saadi Ahmad Pakistan

Assessment of socio-economic and administrative factors affecting sustainable adoption of drip irrigation system in Punjab, Pakistan

Shakil Abbas
Shakil AbbasPakistan

Modelling the impact of irrigation and fertigation on the yield of Potato crop

Amir Saleem
Amir SaleemPakistan

Examining the wetting patterns and water distribution in substrate culture under drip irrigation using thermography

Sarmad Rasheed
Sarmad RasheedPakistan

Techno-economic environ evaluations of drip irrigation systems using drip line and drip tape in Punjab, Pakistan

Zahid Hussain
Zahid HussainPakistan

Analysis of climate change impact on irrigation water demands and rainwater harvesting for drip irrigated high-value crops in Pothohar, Pakistan

Muhammad Imran
Muhammad ImranPakistan

Development of a GIS Based model for selection of suitable irrigation methods and crops in Punjab, Pakistan

Aamir Shahzad
Aamir ShahzadPakistan

Assessment of water footprints of maize and cotton at district level grown under conventional and drip irrigation in Punjab, Pakistan

Muhammad Aslam
Muhammad AslamPakistan

Integrated analysis of techno-economic performances , energy use efficiency and environmental impacts of Maize production under electric and diesel, powered drip and furrow irrigation systems in Punjab, Pakistan

Asif Iqbal
Asif IqbalPakistan

Adaptability of trickle irrigation system for the small farmer in Punjab.

Tallat Mehmood
Tallat MehmoodPakistan

Impact of extreme precipitation events on crop yield under different climate change scenario.

Iftkhar Hussan
Iftkhar HussanPakistan

Economic analysis of solar with diesel and electric power drip irrigation system, its socio-economic and environmental adaptability in Punjab Pakistan

Muhammad Anjum
Muhammad AnjumPakistan

Economic analysis of solar with diesel and electric power drip irrigation system, its socio-economic and environmental adaptability in Punjab Pakistan

 Abuzar Saleem
Abuzar SaleemPakistan

Simulating Irrigation Water Requirements of Drip Irrigated Crops Under Climate Change Scenario in Punjab, Pakistan.

Anjum Yousaf
Anjum YousafPakistan

 Climate Change Impacts Evaluation and Adaption Strategies for Wheat Cultivation in Fausabad Punjab, Pakistan

Zain Abdin
Zain AbdinPakistan
Comparison between Drip and Furrow Irrigation under Tunnel Farming under yield of Tomato and CUCUMBER
Ammar Ahmad
Ammar AhmadPakistan

YIELD, Quality and Water productivity of Tomato under different soil moisture conservative techniques at different MAD levels in drip irrigated plastic tunnel

 Erfan Ahmad
Erfan AhmadPakistan

Effect of Chlorination to improve drip Irrigation System Performance

Muhammad Tahir
Muhammad TahirPakistan
 Quantifying drought impacts on agricultural GDP under different climate scenarios.
Asif Iqbal
Asif IqbalPakistan

The response of Drip irrigated hybrid maize to the irrigation frequency and macronutrients (NPK) application rates in the semi-arid area of Punjab, Pakistan.

Adnan Asghar
Adnan AsgharPakistan

  The response of tomato to different irrigation and fertigation regimes applied through drip irrigation system under climate-smart agriculture scenario in Greenhouse.

Usman Tariq
Usman TariqPakistan


Adaptation Strategies for cotton Cultivation Under Climate Change Scenarios in Bahawalpur District of Punjab, Pakistan
Khalid Baloch
Khalid BalochPakistan




Sanwal Channa
Sanwal ChannaPakistan


Asif Khan
Asif KhanPakistan


Iftikhar Langah
Iftikhar LangahPakistan


Faisal Rajper
Faisal RajperPakistan


Shakir Memon
Shakir MemonPakistan


Samuel Navamani
Samuel NavamaniSri Lanka

Bias correcting Hydrological and Water Resources Variables for Analysing Climate Change Impacts in the Upper Nan River Basin, Thailand

Pavithra Weerasekara
Pavithra WeerasekaraSri Lanka

Ecosystem-based Adaptation to Climate Change Impact on Streamflow and Sediment in Huai Bang Sai Basin, Thailand

Mukadange Amaratunga
Mukadange AmaratungaSri Lanka

Land Use and Climate Change Adaption for Sediment Management in Upper Nan River Basin

Vidanelage Mel
Vidanelage MelSri Lanka

Assessment of Hydropower Development Impacts on Hydrology and Ecosystem Services in the Upper Ayeyarwady River Basin, Myanmar

Munetsi Mapeture
Munetsi Mapeture Zimbabwe
Quantifying the Impacts of Meteorological Droughts on Rice Yield and Contribution to agriculture GPP under different climate scenarios in the Upper Mun River Basin, Thailand

Joint Degree Program, Urban Water Enginering and Management(UWEM)

Linda Watkin
Linda Watkin Canada

A Framework for the Assessment of the Co-Benefits of Furrows, a Nature Based Solution: A Case Study in Rangsit, Thailand

Pratima Pokharel
Pratima Pokharel Nepal

Development of Framework for Assessing Public Health Risk from Pluvial Flooding

Lydia Munene
Lydia MuneneKenya
Adaption to Impacts of Climate Change on Municipal Water Supply in Nairobi, Kenya
Passwell Nyahora
Passwell NyahoraZimbabwe

A Multi Objective Optimization Approach for Improving Intermittent Water Supply