Student Name Thesis Topic
Ms. Kuruwita Arachchige Naditha Damsarani Imbulana Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on River Hydrology and Morphology and Resulting Socio-Economic Vulnerability : A Case Study of The Chindwin River Basin in Myanmar
Mr. Gamlath Gunathilake Evaluation of Ecosystem based Adaptation for Soil and Water Conservation : A Case of Huai Ta Poe Watershed, Northeast, Thailand
Ms. Imiya Mudiyanselage Chathuranika Climate Change Impact on Streamflow and Hydropower Production in Upper Kotmale River Basin, Sri Lanka
Ms. Shakthi K. Gunawardana Impact of Climate Change and Mining Activities on Loading of Selected Metals in Chindwin River, Myanmar
Ms. Yasas Upeakshika Amilakumari Bandara Collaborative Risk –Informed Decision Analysis for Climate Change Adaptation in Municipal Water Supply of Colombo, Sri Lanka
Mr. Husnain Tansar Data Assimilation for Real-Time Forecast of Influent Flow and Ammonia  in Wastewater Treatment Plant: A Case Study of Damhusaen Catchment, Copenhagen
Mr. Shehzad Ilyas Assessing Water Supply and Demand under Climate Change Scenarios in Quetta, Pakistan
Ms. Eaindra Oo Water Use Consumption of Selected Manufacturing Industries: Analysis and Comparison of Selected Brands
Ms. Myat Su Mon Climate Change Impact on Streamflow and Irrigation Water Requirement for Rice Cultivation in the Chindwin River Basin, Myanmar
Ms. Kay Khaing Kyaw Flood Hazard Mapping for Lower Ayeyarwaddy Delta Considering Land Cover Change Impacts
Mr. Hok Panha Evaluation of the Trade-off  between the Hydropower Production and Fish Habitat Conservation under Climate Change Scenarios in the Sekong River Basin, Cambodia
Mr. Seng Theara Large Scale Urban Drainage Modelling in Eastern Bangkok Metropolitan
Mr. Sirapee Ditthabumrung Nature-Based Solution for Water Management : A Case Study in The Rangsit Area, Thailand
Ms. Manatchanok Pannak Economic Assessment for Upgrading Irrigation Water Supply Systems in Lam Takhlong Area, Buriram Province, Thailand
Ms. Nisha Tripathee Climate Change Impacts on Water Balance and Crop Yield in Mohana River Basin, Nepal
Ms. Denkar Assessment of Climate Change Impact and Incorporation of Environmental Flows on Hydropower Production : A Case Study in Chukha Hydropower Project in Bhutan
Mr. Yonas Tewodros Assefa Development and Application of Domestic Water Security Index for Addis Ababa City, Ethiopia
Ms. Rhoda Mutanu Mutua Health Risk of Waterborne Infection in Contaminated Urban Floodwater : The Case Study of Sukhumvit  in Bangkok, Thailand
Mr. Minh Vu Nguyen Streamflow Estimation in Ungauged Basins Using Regionalization Approaches: An Application to Bang Giang Ky Cung River Basin
Mr. Ameya Piya Assessment of Hydropower Potential in Karnali River Basin, Nepal
Ms. Arisara Nakburee Application of Radar Rainfall for Inflow Estimation  to Kaengkrachan Reservoir, Thailand
Mr. Mostafizur Rahman Optimization of Economic Return from Water Using Water Energy Food Nexus Approach : A Case of Karnafuli River Basin, Bangladesh
Ms. Christsam Joy Sumalangcay Jaspe Climate Change Impacts on Water Balance and Streamflow Regime in the Jalaur River Basin, Philippines
Mr. Bashir Ahmad Rahmani Impact of Climate Change on Water Balance Components in the Upper Ping River Basin, Thailand
Mr. Horace Charles Kakhiwa Evaluation of Integrated Rice Farming Systems: A case of Bang Ban District in Ayutthaya Province, Thailand
Mr. Pannavit  Fuangthong Assessment of Irrigation Water Requirement and Water Productivity of Rice under Ratoon and Traditional Cultivation under Climate Change Scenarios: A Case Study of Phrapimon ‘s Irrigation Project  Area in Thailand
Student Name Thesis Topic
Mr. Hamid Karimi Flood Risks Due to Dam Failure, A Case Study of the Hari-Rud River Basin, Afghanistan
Mr. Syed Mohammad Omar Eshaq A Multi-Criteria Approach for Ranking Potential Hydropower Projects in the Upper Harirud Basin, Afghanistan
Mrs. Naheed Karimi Groundwater Potential Zone Identification and Recharge Management: A Case of the Lower Hari Rud River Basin, Afghanistan
Mrs. Maryam Yusufi Ground Vulnerability Assessment to Climate Change: A Case Study of Herat City and Surrounding Districts, Afghanistan
Ms. Mitra Safar Zadeh Assessment of Green and Blue Water under Climate Change: A Case of the Harirud-Murghab Basin, Afghanistan
Mr. Jalal Naser Faqiryar Climate Change Impact on Inflow and Hydropower Production at the Salma Dam in the Harirud Basin, Afghanistan
Mr. Rateb Hamim Evaluation of Water Demand and Supply in Lower Hari-rud River Basin, Afghanistan
Ms. Hira Sattar Modeling Climate Change Impact on Hydrology and Sediment Yield in the Swat River Basin in Pakistan
Mr. Zia Ul Hassan Real-Time Forecast of Influent Flow Rate and Ammonia in Wastewater Treatment Plant: A Case Study of Damhusaen Catchment in Denmark
Mr. Muchamad Wahyu Trinugroho Development of a Decision Support Tool for Managing Freshwater Inflows and Salinity Intrusion in the Indramayu Estuary of the West Java Province, Indonesia
Ms. Rachel Koh Collaborative Risk Informed Decision Analysis (CRIDA): An Evaluation of Critical Thresholds for Bangkok Water Supply Utility
Ms. Soumya Sucharita Behera Assimilation of Remote Sensing Derived Soil Moisture Data into Hydrological Model of the Mahanadi River Basin, India
Ms. Soumya Sucharita Behera Estimation of Crop Yield Losses due to Meteorological Drought and Recommendations for Improvement: A Case of Sangke River Basin, Battambang Province, Cambodia
Ms. Khin Seanghak Real Time Modelling of Drainage Systems: A Case Study of AIT, Pathumthani, Thailand
Mr. Bonod Bhatta Climate and Land Use Change Impacts on Streamflow and Water Quality in the Songkhram River Basin, Thailand
Mr. Dhiraj Acharya Evaluation of Climate and Land Use Change Impact on Songkhram River Basin, Thailand
Ms. Prangpisut Suttharom Development of Generic Framework for River Health Assessment: A Case Study of the Songkhram River Basin, Thailand
Ms. Subsinee Anurak Predicting Biomass by Using Remotely Sensed NDVI for Crop Yield Forecasting
Miss Thi Reindar Tin Tun Streamflow Forecasting Using Multivariate Relevance Vector Machine Algorithm
Mr. Saroj Kumar Rice Based Framing and their Perception of Climate Impact in Konkan, India
Mr. Son Hai Vu Estimating Soil Moisture Using Optical/Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing: A Case Study
Mr. Vu Trung Dung Assessing Climate Change Impacts on Flood Inundation in the Vu Gia- Thu Bon Basin, Vietnam
Mr. Mandirega Siyakia A Water Availability Assessment for Improvement of Community Managed Irrigation Schemes: The Case of the Mkwasine Diversion System in the South Eastern Lowveld of Zimbabwe
Mr. Jose Manuel Patino Assessment of Green Infrastructure Measures to Reduce Storm Water Runoff and Enhance Multiple Benefits in Urban Area
Mr. Geofrey Gerald Hilly Towards a Framework for Analyzing Cascading Effects of Flood Impacts on Critical Infrastructure: The Case Study of Sukumvit, Thailand
Mr. Bernard Kosgey Kipchumba Salinity Modelling in the Chao Phraya River under Future Sea Level in Relation to Municipal Water Supply in Bangkok
Mr. Absul Naser Majidi Assessment of Effectiveness of Green Infrastructures on Urban Flood Reduction and Thermal Comfort Enhancement A Case Study of Sukumvit.
Mr. Masoud Ghulami Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources and Agriculture in Data-scaree Kabul Basin, Afghanistan
Mrs. Hoang Thi Ngoc Anh Assessment of Climate Change Impact on Groundwater Resources in Hau Giang Provinces, Vietnam
Ms. Juthika Roy Downscaling Precipitation Using an Artificial Neural Network in the Ping River Basin, Thailand
Mr. Muhammad Babur Impact of Climate and Landuse changes on Inflows, Sediment Yield and Hydropower Production – A Case of the Mangla Reservoir, Pakistan
Student Name Thesis Topic
Ms. Aye Chan Myint Assessment of Wetland Vulnerability to Climate Change: A Case Study of Meyungyi Wetland in Myanmar
Ms. Nguyen Thi Hien Analysis of Nearshore Waves and Morphology Under Extreme Climate Change in the Gulf of Thailand
Ms. Aakanchya Budhathoki Climate Change Impact on Water Resources and Crop Yield in the West Seti River Basin, Nepal
Ms. Thedini Asali Peiris Potential Impact of Climate Change on Flow Regime and Fish Production in the Songkhram River Basin, Thailand
Mr. Uttam Ghimire Analysis of Historical and Future Climate and Hydrologic Extremes in Upper Ayerawaddy River Basin in Myanmar
Mr. Tith Nhim Analysis of Drought Under Climate Change Conditions in Sangke River Basin, Cambodia
Mr  Chatuphorn Somphong 2D-Numerical Modelling Approach for Development of Dynamic Equilibrium Bay Shape
Ms. Pisinee Bariboon Climate Extremes, People’s Perception and Adaptation in Lower Songkhram River Basin, Thailand
Mr. Anil Aryal Quantifying Uncertainties in Climate Projections on Hydrologic Modelling in the Tamakoshi River Basin, Nepal
Ms. Ranju Chapagain Climate Change Impact of Water Footprint of Rice Production in Nam Oon Irrigation Project, Thailand
Mr. Muhammad Sajid Nazir Performance Evaluation of Selected State-Managed and Farmer Managed Irrigation Systems in Punjab, Pakistan
Mr. Muhammad Nabeel Aslam Climate Change Impacts on Water Availability in the Hub River Basin in Pakistan
Mr. Saqib Ashraf Groundwater Recharge in the Context of Climate Change and land Use/Land Cover Change in Lower Ravi River Basin, Pakistan
Mr. Muhammad Faisal Rashid Climate Change Impact on Design Flood Discharges: An Application to Rasool Barrage in Jhelum River Basin, Pakistan
Mr. Hafiz Muhammad Ali Water Productivity and Technical Efficiency of a Selected Irrigation System in Punjub, Pakistan
Mr. Muhammad Mudassar Rehan Analysis of Rainfall Pattern and Validation of Design Strom Shape for Asian Monsoon
Mr. Muhammad Adeel Anjum Water Footprint Analysis for Improved Irrigation Management: A Case Study of Kuthiali Minor Canal System, Gujranwala, Pakistan
Mr. Amir Taimoor Flood Control and Mitigation at Taunsa Barrage on the Indus River in Pakistan
Mr. Ahmad Mustafa Investigation of Sediment Exclusions Efficiency of Silt Excluder by Physical Modelling: A Case Study of Right Undersluice of Taunsa Barrage in Pakistan
Mr. Muhammad Asim Shoaib Flood Hazard Assessment Using Hydro-Geospatial Technique: A Case Study of River Chenab from Qadirabad to Trimmu in Pakistan
Mr. Amir Mumtaz Wattoo Climate Change Impacts on Water Availability at Marala Barrage in Chenab River Basin, Pakistan
Mr. Zeeshan Ashraf Sheikh Farmer’s Perceived Agricultural Adaptation  to Climate Change Impact in Rangsit Canal Area of Nong Sua District, Thailand
Mr. Ali Raza Performance Assessment of Lower Chenab Canal Irrigation Management Transfer in Pakistan
Mr. Mubashir Majeed Climate Change Impact on Sediment Yield in Rawal Watershed Near Islambad, Pakistan
Mr. Ahmad Hussan Assessment Climate Change Impact of Satpara Dam in Pakistan
Mr. Waqas Javed Simulation of Sedimentation and Flushing for a narrow Reservoir: A Case Study of the Diamer Bhasha Dam in Pakistan
Mr. Mohib Ullah Ali Adaptation Strategies for Rice Cultivation Under Climate Change Scenarios in Gujranwala District of Punjub, Pakistan
Mr. Muhammad Yasir Saleem Canal Lining Impact on Water Availability, Distribution and Crop Water Requirements: A Case Study of the Dijkor Distributary System of Lower Chenab Canal Punjab in Pakistan
Ms. Nisha Maharjan Impacts of Climate Change and Land Use Change on Hydrology in Transboundary River Basin: A Case Study in 3S (Sekong, Sesan, Srepok) River Basin
Mr.Antidius Augustine Muchunguzi Improvement of Irrigation Water Management for Enhancing Agricultural Productivity: The Case of Lekitatu Irrigation Scheme in Meru DC, Tanzania
Mr.Guy Marius Assogba Sustainability Assessment of the Informal Irrigation Through the Water Energy-Food-Nexus Approach: Case of Karimama in the North of Benin
Miss Phyllis Ropafadzo Togarepi Impact Assessment of Future Urban Growth in Areas with Cultural Heritage
Mr. Domingo Pinto Assessment of Groundwater Potential Zone and Its Sustainable Yield in Dili Aquifer, Timor Leste
Mr. Minn Thu Aung Assessment of Climate Change Impact on Hydrology and Hydropower Generation in Belu River Basin of Myanmar
Student Name Thesis Topic
Mr. Panumet Wattananont Climate change impact on inflow and operation of Khun Dan Prakarnchon Reservoir, Thailand
Mr.Aung Myint Oo Design and development of a GIS database for water resources management in Bago River Basin, Mynmar
Ms. Trang Thi Thuy Nguyen Modelling the impacts of climate change on hydrology and nutrient locating in 35 basin of Mekong Region
Ms. Hsu Myat Maw Impact of climate and land use change on soil erosion and streamflow in the Bago River Basin, in Myanmar
Ms. Sneha Sandilya Flood forecasting using hydrologic and hydrodynamic modelling: A case of the Kosi River Basin, Nepal and India
Mr.Ajay Ratna Bajracharya Impact and risk assessment of climate change on hydropower production: A case of upper Tamakoshi Project, Nepal
Mr.Suwash Chandra Acharya Probabilistic real-time hydrological forecasting in the upper Chao Phraya River, Thailand
Ms. Saman Roibha Lynrah Willingness of farmers to change their production practices: A choice experiment approach
Mr.Shyamal Acharya Evaluation of water supply system and selected pilot areas in Chittagong, Bangladesh
Mrs.Ranjana Kafle Evaluation of groundwater vulnerability and risk to pollution in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
Mrs. Massouda Sidiqi Evaluation of satellite and GCM rainfall and climate change impact on streamflow in the Kabul River Basin, Afghanistan
Ms. Hue Thi Dao Impact of climate change on salinity and rice yield in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam
Mr. Siriwat Boonwichai Application of water accounting 0plus (WAT) framework in the upper Chao Phraya basin, Thailand
Mr.Abdul Rahman Assessment of water consumption and leakage reduction scenarios in the distribution network, in AIT
Mr.Hai Duc Nguyen Development and application of a water security framework at city-scale: A case of Hanoi, Vietnam
Ms. Thamali Menaka Gunaratna Water allocation between irrigation and environmental services: A trade-off analysis of wallowed river basin, Sri Lanka
Ms. Palpasa Prajapati Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Water Footprints of major Crops in the Indruwati Basin, Nepal
Mr.Sajan Jung Pandey Impact of Climate Change on Hydrology and Water Resources of the Du
Ms. Anyamanee Onsomkrit Development of Water Security Index at City Scale.  A Case of Bangkok
Mr.Detchphol Chitwatkulsiri Real time Urban Drainage System at Sukhumvit Area, Bangkok, Thailand
Mr.Wutthichai Tengchaisun Flood Alleviation Plan for Practical Operation in Bangpakon-Prachinburi Basin
Ms. Nisha Maharjan Impacts of Climate Change and land Use Change on Hydrology in Transboundary River Basin: A Case Study in 3S (Sekong Sesan, Srepok River Basin
Mr. I Putu Santikayasa Sustainability of water use in irrigated agriculture under future climate scenarios: A case study of the Citarum River Basin in Indonesia
Mr. Aung Ye Htut Assessment climate change and land use change impacts on the Hydrology and water resources of the Bago River Basin in Myanmar
Mr. Saidi Hussein Ibrahim Evaluation of selected small holders irrigation scheme in Tanzania using farmers utility and performance indication
Ms. Natasha Otilie Kaunapawa Nuujoma Groundwater vulnerability assessment of urban canters of South and Southeast Asia
Mr.Umubyeyi Safari Prosper Estimation of groundwater and fluctuations in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal: A modelling approach
Mr.Yeng Her Vacha Flood risk assessment at the world heritage site of Luang Prabang, Lao PDR
Mrs. Lekamwasam DLC Awyaja Assessing and controlling leakage in a selected district metering area in Ja-Eia, Sri Lanka
Mr.Juan Camilo Polania Siculaba A methodology for health impact assessment during
Student Name Thesis Topic
Mr. Aung Myo Khaing Evaluating potential impact of climate and land-use change on
water resources management
Ms. Wisanee Keawpoung Improvement of Hydraulic and Ecological Condition of Lower Songkhla Lagoon Lake
Mr. Bach Viet Tran Modelling climate change impacts on groundwater recharge in Mekong Delta
Mr. Manish Shrestha Assessment of climate change impact on Melamchi Water Supply Project in Nepal
Mr. Min Khaing Climate Change Impact on water resources and hydropower in a selected river basin
Mrs. Fahima Majd Investigating socio-economic impact of flood on poverty
Mr.Md. Kamrul Hossain Viability of water-energy-food nexus approach for sustainable

water management in the Himalayan basin

Mr.Md. Kamrul Hossain Viability of water-energy-food nexus approach for sustainable

water management in the Himalayan basin

Mr. Saroj Adhikari Evaluation of deep and shallow tube-well irrigated schemes in Nepal using performance indicators of water-energy -food nexus
Mr.Bandara M.M. N. Thilakarathne Developing a drought monitoring index to enhance drought

management in North East of Thailand

Mr. Sangkwon Park Reservoir system operation considering environmental flow:

A case of  Geum River Basin, Republic of Korea

Mr. Ardiansyah Fauzi Sedimentation study of rejoso jetty using numerical model
Mr. Phreewat Plangoen Assessment of soil erosion and sedimentation under land use and climate change scenarios in the upper Nan River Basin, Thailand
Mr. Anshul Agarwal Developing a drought monitoring index to enhance drought management in North East of Thailand
Mr. Kayiranga Damascene Developing benchmarking based on irrigation performance indicators: application in Northeast Thailand
Mr. Dickson John Semkuyu Groundwater vulnerability assessment of urban centres of Southeast Asia
Mr.Charles G. Werema Flood damage impacts and pollution vulnerability in poor sanitation settlements
Mr. Jacob M. Mwakio Pressure management in water supply systems to optimize energy use and leakage losses: A case of MWA, Thailand
Ms. Weeraya Keerakamolchai Towards a framework for multifunctional flood detention facilities design in a mixed

land use area: A case study of Ayutthaya World Heritage Site, Thailand

Mr. Pratya Sutthiprapha Performance of  farmer-managed  irrigation systems
Mr. Abu Hashnat Badsha Assessment of climate change impact on sea level rise and salt water intrusion in Metro Cebu coastal aquifer, The Philippines
Mr. Mohammad Hassan Hassanyar Evaluation of water supply system and management in a selected city