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In offering opportunity and choice, students can design their own study programs according to their inclinations and future career objectives. In addition to the courses specified below, students, under the guidance of their academic advisors, can select courses from a wide range of electives from other fields/schools as part of an approved study plan.

August First Semester Choice Credits
CE74.11 Watershed Hydrology Required 3(3-0)
CE74.12 Hydrodynamics Required 3(3-0)
CE74.13 Water Resources Systems Required 3(3-0)
CE74.14 Concepts in Water Modelling Required 1(1-0)
CE74.21 Irrigation and Drainage Engineering Elective 3(2-3)
CE74.41 Water Supply and Sanitation Elective 3(3-0)
CE74.51 River Engineering and Modeling Elective 3(3-0)
January Second Semester Choice Credits
CE74.15 Research Design and Experimental Methods Required 2(1-3)
CE74.17 Integrated Water Resources Management Elective 3(3-0)
CE74.18 Climate Change and Water Resources Elective 3(3-0)
CE74.22 Irrigation and Drainage Systems Management Elective 3(3-0)
CE74.32 Coastal Zone Management Elective 3(3-0)
CE74.42 Urban Drainage Management Elective 3(3-0)
CE74.52 Groundwater Development and Management Elective 3(3-0)
CE74.53 Land and Water Conservation and Management Elective 3(2.5-1.5)
CE74.55 Modeling of Water Resources Systems Elective 3(1-6)
CE74.61 Flood Modeling and Management Elective 3(3-0)
CE74.71 EIA and GIS Applications in Water Resources Elective 3(2-3)
CE74.9007 Sustainable Hydropower Development Elective 3(3-0)
August Third Semester Credits
Thesis Option Thesis proposal preparation/defense & data/information collection 22
Research Option | Coursework Elective(s) 12
January Fourth Semester Credits
Thesis Continued Thesis preparation and final thesis report defense
Research Continued Research study preparation and final research report defense 10