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Why Water Engineering & Management?

Today’s major challenges for water engineers and managers include securing water for people and for food production, protecting vital ecosystems, and dealing with climate variability and change and uncertainty of water in space and time.

Water Engineering and Management (WEM) imparts education and training towards an understanding of the complexity of water cycle, utilization, and management. It offers a balanced curriculum covering both engineering and management aspects of water resources.

Students acquire knowledge and hands-on practice in tools and techniques to come up with viable and sustainable water management for water, food, energy, and environmental security. Students conduct research on country-specific water related problems and have opportunities to join research and internship programs with industries and partners.

Degree & Specialization

WEM offers academic programs leading to Master’s Degree & Professional Master’s Degree  covering five focal areas:

  • Agricultural Water
  • Coastal Water
  • Urban Water
  • Water Resources
  • Extreme Events and Risk Management

Courses Offered

  • Watershed Hydrology
  • Water Resources Systems
  • Hydrodynamics
  • Concepts in Water Modeling
  • Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
  • Irrigation and Drainage Systems Management
  • Coastal and Estuarine Processes
  • Coastal Zone Management
  • Water Supply and Sanitation
  • Urban Drainage Management
  • Climate Change and Water Resources
  • River Engineering and Modeling
  • Groundwater Development and Management
  • Integrated Water Resources Management
  • Land and Water Conservation and Management
  • Modeling of Water Resources Systems
  • Floods and Droughts
  • Flood Modeling and Management
  • EIA and GIS Applications in Water Resources
  • Research Design and Experimental Methods